Leading the way in Compliance, Financial Trades, Securities & Commodity Transactions


The Moral is a private boutique company with Global presentation, that has specialised itself in offering services in the field of Compliance, Financial Trade, Securities & Precious Metals. With more then 20 years of international senior and board management experience in the European, South American, African, Middle East and Asia continents. The Moral has direct access to financial institutions that offer financial instruments and or the service of (T1) Trading Platforms and the direct suppliers of Precious Metals and or Precious Gemstones

The Moral offers the following 3 services:

We offer our clients, Corporateā€™s and Private, worldwide advice and guidance on investment in the field of Financial Instruments like Medium Term Notes, Bank Guarantee, Stand By Letters of Credits. There for we are in direct contact with clients and providers that can deliver, purchase, sell or trade your instrument.

Global Compliance
The owner is a Dutch trained Compliance Officer with a full experienced international team behind him that assist our clients on a daily business regarding, Due Diligence, Know Your Customer Policy, Research, Anti Money Laundry, Investments, Humanitarian ProjectsOur team is Highly specialised in the financial market and Precious Metals or Stones, located on all continents and in contact with the top Financial and Commodity Institutions, Regulators and or Governments

Trading Platforms
Due to our experience we are in direct contact with Intake- and Compliance Officers of (T1) Trade Platforms in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.There for we can offer our clients secure trading platforms based on Financial and Hard Assets with no risk through bullet and or long term trading projects.


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